Transfer your film productions
to cinema around the world

File Transfer System for Independent Film Distributors, Operators and Cinemas.

4 steps and your Movie Distribution is done!

Encode and Verify your Movie in the Digital Cinema Package
Upload your dcp folder.
  • Select the folder to share
  • Write the recipient's email address
  • Choose the link expiration date
  • Choose how many times you want to share the download
  • Temporary Username & Password will be generated automatically
Cinema receives your share by email with the Download Link and temporary Username and Password.

He can download the DCP using a Desktop Computer on USB Disk or download and Ingest directly in the Cinema Video Engine

Do you have a Cinema Festival?

You need to receive instead of sending?!
Yes You Can!

Receive all the Movies directly in your inbox

  • Can I receive all the movies files without couriers?
    • Yes! You will have your personal INBOX storage where you can receive all the files from the Cinema Distributors
    • You can also receive mp4 movies from the festival competitors
    • Every time a movie distributor sends you a file, you receive a notification by email
    • When the files are in your server you can ingest directly in your Video Engine
The Hardware server can be located remotely or in your main office.
There are no limits on the size of the files that can be received.
The storage space is setup to according to your needs.
  • What is your download speed?
    • The speed depends from the location of the server, remotely or in your main office.

Common questions

  • Are my files safe?
    • All connections are secured with https
    • All files are stored with RSA256 Encryption and no one can read the contents of the files you uploaded
    • When an user download the files will be unencrypted in real time
  • Can I take other security measures?
    • You are free to Encrypt your DCP generating KDM's for each projection.
    • In this way your content will be doubly encrypted in our servers and will also be protected once downloaded on the USB disk with your encryption, preventing the device from being lost or stolen.
  • What is the Download speed?
    • The download speed depends first from the connection speed of the user who will download the file.
    • And depend from the location where the server is operating, if remotely or in your main office.
  • How do you get the best speed possible?
    • To get the maximum download speed is desirable to have a fiber internet connection where the server will run.
  • Why my download is slow?
    • It may depend on many factors, such as your internet speed and latency  as well as the speed of your computer and hard drives
The storage space is choosen according to your needs.

We can setup for you two types of storage
  • Local Storage
    • is located in your server
  • Cloud Storage
    • Cloud storage allows you to download any archived file with no space limits
There are no limits on the size of the files that can be sent.

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